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World Maker Faire New York 2016

A whirlwind visit to New York City for the World Maker Faire and a little hanging out with Mr. Robot

Summer Project: Mostly Printed CNC Part 2

Part 2 of my summer project building the Mostly Printable CNC machine that allows me to mill, cut and draw on many different materials.

Summer Project: The Mostly Printed CNC Machine Part 1

My summer project is building a ‘mostly’ 3D printed CNC machine using readily available, off the shelf parts and a whole lot of printed parts.

The $200 Monoprice Maker Select Mini 3D Printer

I put the $200 Maker Select Mini 3D printer from Monoprice through it’s paces in this weekend review.

Why I don’t back 3D Printer projects on crowdfunding sites

The trials and tribulations of crowdfunding platforms and 3D printers.

The PancakeBot is here

Adventures with using the world’s first pancake printing robot, the Pancakebot

CES 2016: 3D Printing

Highlights from CES 2016 in Las Vegas covering all things 3D printing

Eurorack: Adventures in Modular Synthesis

The beginnings of my adventures in modular synthesis with DIY eurorack modules and a whole lot of patch cables.

Weekly 3D Printing Blab

We test drive the Blab video conferencing platform to talk all things 3D printing.

The 3DCanada Project

The 3DCanada project will capture thousands of Canadians in 3D & Douglas Coupland will use their likeness in one of the largest 3D printed art projects.