My Summer in Photos

Seabus in Burrard Inlet shot with Tilt Composer

I’ve been pretty busy this summer with a number of different events and things that I haven’t posted about so I thought I’d post a little photo summary of my summer so far.

Here’s my favorite shot from Vancouver 2012 Pride Parade:

Vancouver Pride Parade 2012

and the slideshow of the full set:

I had the chance to do a shoot from the roof of the Pan Pacific Hotel where I brought my Tilt Transformer and Gigapan gear (full set of photos):

View from the Pan Pacific roof

View from the Pan Pacific roof

View from the Pan Pacific roof

I wasn’t completely happy with how the Gigapan turned out due to a number of (camera) equipment issues that happened but a little time in Photoshop saved it.

Shooting Down With Webster at the Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Party (full set):

Down With Webster

Down With Webster

Down With Webster

Seeing Italy blow up English Bay at the Celebration of Lights:
Celebration of Light: Italy

An awesome roadtrip to Whistler with dinner at the Araxi Long Table:
Araxi Long Table

And even some downtime camping to shoot some stars:
Campfire Star Trails

although I did get to play with my Biolite camp stove a bit more while camping:

Charging Duane's phone with FIRE

Still lots more planned for this summer…

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