BIL Conference 2015

This weekend is the 2015 edition of the BIL conference in Vancouver.

Hearing about non-invasive brain computer interfaces @bilconf #throughglass

WHAT IS BIL? (from the BIL website):

Open to the public and fully participant driven, our yearly gathering features a wild mix of technologists, scientists, artists, hackers, and those with a passion for community awareness, social entrepreneurship, and innovation. Our attendees are our speakers and our speakers are our attendees and in true unconference style, attendees are responsible for shaping the conference itself through their participation.

It really does harken back to the BarCamp days and Vancouver hasn’t much in the way of open unconferences lately. BIL also tends to attract TED speakers and attendees as well so it makes for a very interesting mix of content and people.

Recently I chatted with Stephen Hui from the Georgia Straight about BIL and what I’ll be talking about this year.

The #3dprinting bar upstairs at #bil2014

Last year I brought my 3D printer and shared a bunch of prints with the BIL attendees. I also made and gave away a ton of BIL coins that I made on the spot.

I figured @bilconf needed it's own currency so I made BILcoins #BIL2014

This time around, I’ll be sharing some of the current amazing work being done in the world of 3D printing in my talk titled the Current State of 3D Printing. I may also have some 2015 BIL coins to give away.

There will be an opening night party at the Fox Cabaret 7pm Friday night followed by two days of talks at the newly opened Imperial (319 Main Street).

Join the BIL Facebook group and follow them on Twitter for more details and hopefully I’ll see you this weekend!

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