Tech Tuesday: Turning E-Waste into 3d printers & Diapers that tweet

On Air sign at the News 1130 studios

This week on News 1130 Radio in Vancouver, I discussed these topics:

  • Turning E-Waste into 3d printers: A designer from Togo, a country that receives a large amount of old computers and related ‘e-waste’ from all over the world, begin to think about ways of upcycling the e-waste. He found a way to turn the chasis of an old PC into the framework for a 3d printer. Add some motors from old printers and you have a 3d printer. It’s a brilliant way to make something new with something old.
  • Huggies TweetPee: Huggies in Brazil is considering a project that will give parents a device to attach to their baby’s diaper that has a built in humidity sensor that will let them know when the diaper needs changing…by tweeting it’s status to the parents. It takes wearable tech to a new level. No word on when or if this will ever become an actual product but the technology is here now.

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