Tech Tuesday: MeterPlug and the Blip wifi blood pressure monitor

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items:

  • MeterPlug: A simple, tiny, $45 device that you plug into the wall and then plug any appliance or device you’d like to monitor it’s usage for. By using a database of location based electricity prices, the MeterPlug can tell you in real time how much that air conditioner costs to run using an app on your smartphone. Another nice feature is the ability to turn off a device based on proximity to your smartphone. For example, if you leave the house, your tv could be set to turn off, saving you from vampire power usage while in standby mode. (source)
  • Blip wifi blood pressure monitor: keeping track of your blood pressure is a daily task for a lot of people and the Blip monitor makes that task much easier. It’s built in wifi enables the user to take their readings and then it uploads the data to a secure website where it provides graphs of the readings, provides a printable report and even notifies you of anything that requires review by your doctor. It can track two different user’s data as well. A smartphone app is also on it’s way that will let you share your info right in the doctor’s office. (source)

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