Tech Tuesday: 3d printed airplanes and a $99 videogame console

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I discussed these items:

  • Airbus designing the next generation of airplanes to be 3d printed: Currently just in the concept stages, Airbus is looking to build it’s next generation airplanes over the next 20 years. Using large scale 3d printers (80m x 80m) which use additive layer manufacturing, it will enable Airbus to reduce the weight of the airplane as well as give it new methods for building the more complex parts of the plane that previously were very difficult to manufacture (source)
  • $99 videogame console: Another hugely successful crowdfunded project at is the Ouya videogame console which is approaching $5 Million in funding (nearly 5x what they were asking for). Touted as being a truly open platform that is accessible to independent game developers as well as hard core gamers, it’s currently making big waves in the gaming community. Based on the Android operating system, the console is a small box that will connect to your tv and a wireless controller. Due to be released in March 2013 (source)

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