Tech Tuesday: Project Glass is real, Magic Gloves & a Sushi making robot

This week on Tech Tuesday, I discussed these stories:

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Sports the New Google Glasses at Dinner in the Dark, a Benefit for the Foundation Fighting Blindness -- San Francisco, CA
Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

  • Google CEO spotted wearing Project Glass prototype in real life: the tech world has been abuzz with Google’s latest concept that had more fuel added to it when it’s CEO, Sergey Brin, was spotted at an event wearing a prototype version of the glasses that allow you to interact with the internet while in the real world using a tiny device that looks like a pair of glasses, minus the lenses. It does look a little dorky but no worse than your average bluetooth headset. Apparently the device is self-contained but no word on how it works, battery life, etc. No release date or pricing is currently known but it’s supposed to be coming ‘very’ soon. (via Engadget)
  • Miracle Worker glove helps deaf & blind people communicate: using a glove with tactile sensors and something called the Lorm Alphabet, which assigns different letters to different parts of the users hand and fingers. You can touch the various parts of the glove and the wearer can understand what you’re saying or the glove can vibrate when connected to a computer, phone (via bluetooth), etc to vibrate the appropriate parts of the glove as if someone is pressing it. Developed by the Berlin’s Design Research Lab, it’s just a prototype at this point but could become a great new way to communicate. (via Gizmodo)
  • SushiBot Churns Out 300 Perfect Rolls Per Hour: at the World Food and Beverage Great Expo in Tokyo, a sushi making robot was unveiled that makes a perfect roll every time, up to 300 per hour. The robot still requires a human to place the various ingredients however. (via Wired: Gadget Lab)

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