Look what I made

My first truly designed 3d printed object!


I have created other things (mostly font based objects) but this is the first thing I literally sketched out and ended up with a physical object.

It’s taken awhile to finally get up to speed on all the different tools and techniques required to do this (and I’ve still got a lot to learn)…and it technically wasn’t even my idea to start with.

Let’s say I was inspired by another design. Yeah, that’s it.

Page Keeper

What is it? I call it the “Page Keeper”. Inspired by something my coworker showed me (a low res photo) and asked if I can print her one.

So I tried. It actually seems to work too!

This lead me to post my first truly, designed from scratch, 3D object to Thingiverse (my face doesn’t count since it was technically scanned and printed unaltered).

Page Keeper

It’s easy to see why going from idea to physical object, in a short period of time, in your own home, is so gratifying.

Let’s hope my coworker likes her new Page Keeper.

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