Yes, I decided to head down to the Apple Store in the Alderwood Mall today and get my own 32gb Wifi iPad (for realz):


My original plan was to wait for the 3G model but then I realized that it’s highly unlikely that the cellular carriers in Canada will offer a compelling data option…specifically I want to be able to access the 6gb data plan I’m already paying for on Rogers. Tethering is the only real option as I’m not likely willing to pay $15-30 more a month for data for that device in addition to my iPhone. So I decided to drive down today after reading about an app (on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones) called MyWi that allows you to create a wireless network from your iPhone that the iPad can access. Like the early days of iPhone to laptop tethering, I’m sure this will only get better, if not fully supported by Apple, in the near future.

My site on the iPad

As you can see, it renders this site beautifully. So far, my ‘played with it for about two hours’ review is that it lives up to the hype…yes, it’s iPhone XL (or maybe even XXL) but that doesn’t make it any less useful.

It’s still really early days for the iPad App Store (which still only works with US iTunes Accounts) but some apps are already blowing me away like Korg’s $9.99 iElectribe:

Korg's iElectribe

(you can take screenshots just like on the iPhone by pressing the power + menu buttons)

Stay tuned for future posts once I’ve had a chance to play with it a little longer…assuming I can get it away from my Flight Control playing wife who has taken it…she now thinks it’s too small to play on her iPhone.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I named my iPad “Don’t Panic”.

Update: MyWi tethering successfully setup and working flawlessly via my iPhone 3GS:


  1. Chris McCord says:

    Wow, what pressure, you’re making me want to cave! That’s an awesome looking app!

  2. Dixon Tam says:

    Wow… that Korg app is sick. Can’t wait to see what else iPad developers come up with.

  3. Mike Browne says:

    That looks fun. I’ve been pondering such a purchase as well. Lucky ducky. :)

  4. Jon Strocel says:

    Got my hands on one for a few minutes in Bellingham on the weekend. It’s quite the computing experience, that’s for sure. Want to see how the book market shakes out before committing to one, as the idea of having a reading device really appeals.

  5. I almost caved, too. But I think I’ll wait until the end of month when the iPad arrives in Canada.

    Which App is your favourite right now? What kind of App would you like to see?

    • John says:

      I’m not sure I have a favorite app yet, Parveen…it’s still too new and haven’t finished getting my apps updated that have iPad changes. But the Korg app is pretty awesome, the email client is pretty slick and I love the Photos app. Need more time on the app store finding other apps that are optimized for it.

      Tod: I think those people will be pissed off…Apple’s already announced the pricing for 3G in the US…and there is no mention of any bundling of data. I guess we can always hope that it’ll be positive but given the track record of the cellcos and the price point for the 3G device, I suspect not.

  6. Tod says:

    I really hope the cellcos don’t “offer” an iPad-only wireless plan. Like you, I’m hoping they simply let you use your existing iPhone plan. I’ve paid for access to their data network. I shouldn’t have to pay twice to access it just because I’m using a different device. That will seriously piss off a lot of people.

  7. Gary says:

    I got my 16GB iPad last night! I was lucky enough to have a friend pick one up for me on his way back to Vancouver. It feels great holding the gorgeous screen up close. Can’t wait for more magazines to hit the App Store!

  8. Ryan Dempsey says:

    Right when I saw the iPad for the first time, I knew it will instantly render hardware beat machines obsolete. Already there’s a Korg Electribe app! Awesome.

  9. Jon Jennings says:

    I’m positive you made the right decision John. I can’t see the point of paying for two data plans. You’ll always have your phone with you and I assume you’re on a pretty hefty data plan… might as well save some money and tether. Only issue I can see is running the iPhone battery down., but I know you’ve got a battery pack for that.

    I’m hot and cold on what the iPad does to the world of computing but gotta admit that that Korg app is incredible. Can’t think of anything else that you could do that on. If someone can build a MIDI output for the iPad then professional musicians could have a lot of fun with that :-)

  10. Ryan Dempsey says:

    Most MIDI devices are interfaced through USB these days. So it’s already do-able. Although the iPad doesn’t have an actual USB port, they’ll have an adapter. I wish they just included the port, but I guess they need to milk you with all the adapter do-dads.

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