Yes, I’m ordering an Apple iPad

Bad jokes about the name aside, I’ll be ordering an iPad just as soon as they are available:

I’ll probably order the 32gb model with 3G radio. Not 100% sure I’d use the 3G network option but I’d rather have the option…especially since it’s unlocked – which is a big deal by the way. This could also be foreshadowing of the next iPhone device. The fact they even mentioned ‘unlocked’ is huge.

More later…like when real humans actually get their hands on it.

Update: This guy nails it with a great post on the iPad as well as a lot of things on the internet.


  1. Morten says:

    Will you be getting a CrunchPad (or whatever it’s called now) too? I’d love to see a comparison.

    Oh, and I have to say I’m amazed at how fast that MadTV skit went offline after this launch. I smell a conspiracy!

  2. I’m legitimately curious how you plan to use the iPad besides as an ereader and hand held gaming device. The device doesn’t support multitasking, so word processing is going to be a pain when you want to google something.. as with a number of other things. I hope you don’t want to do something else while you’re watching that movie, cause you’ll have to stop the movie, exit the app, open the new app, then return to the movie and re-find your place in it (though maybe it will save your place, don’t know). It also leaves you with the standard walled garden of iphone apps, which is a huge downside for me.

    Also, it might be light and thin… but do you plan on carrying this with you instead of a laptop? I would still need my laptop as this can’t really do much more than an iphone.

    • John says:

      That’s a lot of assumptions based on very limited information Scott. I’m not disagreeing with you on some of them…but like I said in the post, I’m curious to see more once humans actually get their hands on it. Multi-tasking wasn’t confirmed from what I saw plus they didn’t reveal everything about it. Lots of unanswered questions.

      I’m primarily interested in it as an internet tablet first, and a photographers tool second. My iPhone is a great laptop replacement for lots of things but it’s screen size. Will I code on it? Of course not.

  3. Kevin Chuka says:

    Count me in!. Not sure if I’m going to buy the 3G version as I can tether on my iPhone 3GS. Also, here is a working link for the MadTV iPad commercial

  4. Tawcan says:

    It’s unlocked but I’m not sure what other carriers offer micro-SIM. It’s a neat gadget but it’s not for me.

  5. Morten says:

    Right. The CrunchPad is now called the “JooJoo”. Assuming it’ll go for sale and they can sort out their petty money disputes, it looks comparable and was technically announced way ahead of the iPad. I’m just curious to see how they match up:

    • John says:

      True, but the JooJoo doesn’t have any of the things that make the iPad more compelling (to ME) – like deals with content providers, an app store, a color screen, and most importantly, a track record.

      I’m open minded about these things (really I am despite what you might think about my Apple bias) but my money is on the iPad.

  6. John says:

    Correction: the JooJoo does in fact have a color screen, their shot for the ‘the ultimate internet experience’ looks Palm 1.0 era though.

  7. My main two assumptions are no multitasking and walled garden for apps. Given the presentation, I think those are fair to make.

    I agree that it has a lot of potential for interesting interfaces for doing graphic work (and other things). But I don’t see this being useful for more than a niche market for anything besides e-reading and gaming.

    I’m still waiting for the tablet that gives me a table-top computing style of use ala MS Surface… but maybe that’s wishful thinking :)

    • John says:

      The apps are for sure a walled garden, but one I’ve bought into already so (for me), it’s a non-issue. Given my experience with the Android marketplace, I’ll take the walled garden but that’s fodder for another post.

      The multitasking is a concern but is something they can address in software as the hardware seems to be there to support it. It’s also unclear (to me as I haven’t looked at it yet) what the SDK gives devs access to. Apple already has apps that can do things that devs can’t build in.

      Based on what I’ve seen so far though, I like it.

      Another aspect that appeals to me (although I hope it gets extended to the iPhone) is the camera connector for the iPad.

      I agree a tablet-like MS Surface device would be cool…this is probably a realistic, consumer facing first step.

  8. Kyle says:

    Agreed. We’ll get use to the name and just focus on the device itself.

    I love the irony of the Kindle ad in the sidebar of this post.

  9. Morten says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if 8 months from now Apple rolls out the iPad 2.0 featuring amazing improvements like a USB port.

  10. Michael says:

    I am still trying to figure out what an iPhone user actually gets with it that they don’t already have?

    The iBook? Well, that won’t be available in Canada for a while at least, and I am pretty sure that Apple will shoehorn this into the iPhone eventually, it just makes sense for them to tap into this huge market.

    I can see a market for it for a lot of people who aren’t really tech savy and just want to read email, browse the web etc. who maybe have a few MP3s or live off of streaming music (though the lack of multitasking on that end may be a problem). But then….

    But yeah, as Morten says, I expect them to have a real useful device with version 3.0. Same as it happened with the iPhone. Apple seems to be quickly turning into a new version of Microsoft where the first two ones are to testdrive the product and then finally getting all the pieces in.

  11. VancityAllie says:

    Not me!

    I think it’s a great device for many people, but at this point in time my main use for it would be web surfing. I may wait a few years till it comes down in price.

    Still, I’d love to see the applications for it in service industries and stores…

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