Quick Start to iTunes course now available

The iTunes training course I did a little while ago is finally out in stores!

Quick Start to iTunes

So if you or someone you know wants to know more about iTunes and using it with your iPod, iPhone and Apple TV, this might be for you (or them).

It should now be available in London Drugs (I believe in store only) and for purchase online directly from MacVideoTraining.com with more retail stores coming soon. Apparently a few clips from my course are playing in a loop in London Drugs so if you hear me talking about iTunes while you’re checking out the computer department, don’t be alarmed.

I’ve got a few copies to give away so drop a comment below and tell me why you want a copy and I’ll pick the best ones and send it to you.


  1. Nice – congrats!

  2. You can get my GarageBand course on DVD now too.

    • John says:

      And Derek has a 20% off discount code if you’d prefer to download either of our courses or one of the other ones. Get the code here!

  3. Darren says:

    Cool, we’re looking into some video stuff too. I’m going to send you an email with questions.

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