A view from the 16th floor [time lapse]

I left my camera back at the hotel while I went to the SXSW Interactive conference today:

View from the 16th floor from John Biehler on Vimeo.


  1. Tyler says:

    Love the time lapse. I especially like the hwy footage and how alive it looks.

    • John says:

      That highway doesn’t let up all night….at least the #1 gets quieter at night….it’s always rush hour down here.

  2. Very cool! Do you set the camera to ‘auto’ (in terms of exposure, aperture, etc) for these?

    • John says:

      I used aperture priority for this one since I wasn’t going to be around as the sun moved and set. It seemed to work out pretty well.

  3. Yeah, it worked out really well! What frequency did you use for taking the photos? Once a minute? Once every 5 minutes maybe?

    • John says:

      The lowest frame rate the camera is capable of is one shot every 30 seconds. I wish it was lower. I then used Quicktime to speed it up when I compiled the stills….I can’t remember if it was 10 or 6 frames per second in the end. In my SXSW wrap up video, I actually used the iMovie speedup control to make the sun set even faster.

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