QuadCam for iPhone

Stumbled across a fun new camera app for the iPhone called QuadCam [App Store link] after seeing photos taken with it popping on Reilly’s site.

It’s from the same guy that created the CameraBag app that I previously mentioned and it’s just as fun. It basically lets you set a timer and it takes a number of shots in sequence (you specify the delay between shots) and can choose the effect (vivid, B&W, high contrast with more coming) and it then creates one image in your camera roll based on the shots it takes. These images should convey the effect pretty effectively:

West Vancouver

Waterfront Park

Cassiar Connector

West Vancouver sun


It can also do eight shots at a time:
Traffic x 8

It’s only $1.99 for a little while but it’s worth much more to me…tons of fun!

Update: Takayuki left a comment correcting me about not being the creator of CameraBag. He actually developed Toy Camera which I mistook for CameraBag. You should definitely check out Takayuki’s site for QuadCam too…he’s got a cool animation tool (desktop app) for animating photos taken with QuadCam.


  1. The Jerk says:

    Yuppers the Quad cam is awesome. I pretty much don’t use any other app for iPhone photo anymore.

  2. Todd Sieling says:

    What a sweet find. It definitely outperforms the stock app, and packs in a surprising number of features.

  3. Thanks for your introduction of my app and lovely pictures.

    Only one thing to note, great CameraBag is not my app. :-)

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