Random stuff from WordCamp Whistler 2009

Finally back home from Whistler after a great weekend up there for WordCamp Whistler where I met a ton of new people and was able to spend time with many friends. It was nice to get out of Vancouver for a change of scenery and yet have so many familiar faces around. I thought I’d post some photos and video I took during the course of the conference and weekend.

WordCamp Whistler

I wanted some video to use as part of my talk so I shot this quick fisheye video of the conference room and all the attendees before things got started. This is easily my favorite lens to play with:

Dave Olson ended the day with his talk and had the entire audience hanging on his every word. He invited people to sit up front and close since he wasn’t using the projector…and lots did. It was a great session to end the conference with:
Storytime with Uncle Weed

I also wanted to play around with my Lensbaby Composer (especially in video mode on the D90) so here’s a quick video I shot during lunch where Lorraine was interviewing Dave for the live stream she was doing on FearlessCity.ca:

Watch it in HD on Vimeo too.

Some more fisheye fun at lunch:
Lunch @ WordCamp Whistler

See all the photos/video from WordCamp Whistler in my Flickr photoset.


  1. Thanks for posting this John. ACK! I should have just taken the day off work and been there. Looks awesome.

  2. gusgreeper says:

    they only way i can describe it by letting you know that i have an irrational love for those buttons.

  3. raincoaster says:

    Thanks! It was a lot of fun, even if we didn’t get out for a stroll in the daytime. I hadn’t been to Whistler in years, but must go back for a day trip; the bus is really cheap!

    The quality of your video vs ours shows just how far mobile phones still have to go!

  4. Lauralee says:

    Proud to be Dave Olson’s mother! He was a pure pleasure to raise up, but I wonder if he maybe raised me.

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