iPhone 3G Software Unlock Now Available

Want to use your iPhone 3G with a different carrier? The iPhone Dev Team have released their unlock tool for the iPhone 3G, called yellowsn0w.

iPhone screen

It’s a package available via Cydia which gets installed when you jailbreak your phone with QuickPwn or Pwnage. You will need to add a new source to Cydia as well (http://apt9.yellowsn0w.com). The unlock tool will only work with the latest firmware and baseband versions. So if you waited for a QuickPwn update when the 2.2 firmware was released and then jailbroke your phone, you’ll have to restore and reupgrade via iTunes in order to have the latest baseband which the tool requires.

iPhone 3G soft unlock

Sadly I had my iPhone 3G stolen earlier this month so I can’t use this….my 1st gen iPhone is already unlocked but is stuck in Edgeville. I’m hoping to get a 3G replacement soon. Perhaps now that the unlock is out, prices will start to drop for iPhones since there will be more options globally now.

Head over to the iPhone Dev Team Blog for the full scoop and the necessary download information as well as the usual caveats and known issues.

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