Olympus 8mm Fisheye Lens

After my post about an inexpensive way to add a Fisheye lens to your camera bag arsenal, I was contacted by some really nice folks at Olympus Canada who offered to let me try out a real fisheye lens which costs a little more than what I paid for my lens adapter (okay maybe a lot more). They also loaned me some other nice gear to go with the E-520 DSLR camera body they sent to use with the fisheye lens since it’s not compatible with my Nikon gear. Can you say Christmas in August?

I already don’t want to give it back…I’m loving this 8mm Fisheye lens!

Here’s a (not so) small taste of what I’ve done with it in the slightly more than 24 hours that I’ve had it:

8mm Fisheye Fun




8mm Fisheye

Fisheye Fireworks

Fisheye Fireworks

Fisheye Fireworks

Fisheye Fireworks

You can check out the rest of the photos I’ve taken with the Olympus gear on Flickr. I’ve only barely touched the camera settings at this point (haven’t even cracked the manual)…been having too much fun with the fisheye. The fireworks weren’t a planned trip so I didn’t even have a tripod with me but the photos still turned out pretty cool…it’s all going to make going back to my Nikon gear very difficult!


  1. i’ve always had a soft spot for olympus. my first digital camera that i bought back in Jan 1996 was a olympus D500 and i loved its lens; i’d love to have an oly again! someday when i have money :-) ! it seems that the oly lenses are the best (for the price) for d-slrs, now if only they did iso3200 properly than i’d consider it! …Roland “addicted to high ISO” Tanglao

  2. Keira-Anne says:

    This post reminded me of the South Park episode with the Sexy Action News team and the animal videos with a fish eye lens clips they were up against in the ratings.

    I guess you had to be there…

  3. John Davis says:

    Hey John, I was thinking of the e520 as my first DSLR and wonder what your think of the 4 thirds lens system? Great post and fantastic photos as always :)

  4. Dan says:

    Fish eye lenses are really cool :P … the second-last shot you have here is really awesome!

  5. John says:

    John: So far the E-520 is pretty slick. Feels a little lighter than my D40, has a number of nicer features but is a little noiser when the shutter fires….but in a cool way. Sounds like a sniper shot with a silencer on ;)

    I’ll most likely do a more detailed post of my experience with it once I’ve had more time to dive into it’s features.

    Let me know if you’d like to meet up sometime and you can check it out in person.

  6. John Davis says:

    Oh no worries and thanks kindly John :)

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