How much do you carry?

I got to thinking today about how much ‘memory’ I carry around all day.

How much you got?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • in my pocket: 16gb iPhone 3G
  • on my keychain: 8gb USB drive
  • in my wallet: 2gb ‘Micro Vault Tiny’

So I generally carry 26 gigabytes of data and don’t really even notice it.

This doesn’t include stuff in my messenger bag which sometimes includes my 80gb laptop, my 4gb microSD card in my Nintendo DS (shssh!), my 8gb Zune (for now at least) and my 1gb iPod Shuffle plus some of the other cards/drives in the photo above. My DSLR camera bag usually has anywhere from 4-10gb of memory cards as well.

So much for Bill’s infamous/may not be true/denies ever saying it statement.

How much do you carry regularly?
Or am I the biggest nerd? Something tells me I’m not.


  1. Greg says:

    I’ll almost always have my 30 GB iPod on me.

    and soon, 16 GB of iPhone.

    and less often, but still often, I’ll also have 200 GB of Macbook Pro.

    nerddd =)

  2. I have one of those Micro Vault Tiny cards as well. I tend to carry that, my backup harddrive (160GB), the backkup harddrive for work (20GB, pulled out of an ancient Creative player and stuck in an enclosure) on workdays, my 16GB iPod Touch and my Treo 750 that has a 2GB miniSD card in it. I hope to soon supplant/compliment the iPod Touch and Treo combo with an iPhone, if I can get one without a contract (not from Rogers!).

  3. John says:

    I totally forgot about my 160gb WD passport drive….which is slightly bigger than the iPhone…but I don’t always carry it…just when I need to do some project work….which has been all the time lately.

  4. Tyler Ingram says:

    Well normally I’ll have a 4GB SDHC card on me because I usually have my camera with me. If I have my Nano then you can add another 4GB, my phone only has 512Mb but I don’t use it for music, sometimes I carry my 2.5″ SATA drive at 80Gb and occasionally I have my 1Gb USB key.

    I used to have a 8Gb pocket drive but I gave that away on my blog. So I don’t carry as much memory as you others do.

  5. Kimli says:

    Oh fun! I play this game all the time:

    8gb iPhone
    16gb iTouch
    18gb in 3 USB drives (2×8 2)
    2gb in my camera
    12 on my EPC 6 in extra SD cards
    62 portable GB


    Oh, and today I had 2x512mb USB drives on me for work, so 63gb.

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