Hell froze over

Rogers caved and announced today a new ‘promotional’ iPhone 3g data plan that gives you 6gb of data for $30. That’s as close to unlimited as we’ll get on the iPhone and I’m sure things just got a whole lot more interesting for the launch on Friday. This option is only available to get until August 31st but I’d be surprised if they didn’t have something similar after that.

The nice thing is you don’t have to take their ‘high value plans‘ – you can just add this $30 data to an existing voice plan.

Oh and check out Buzz’ article that he submitted to 24hr magazine (print publication)…sadly the piece he interviewed me for didn’t make the final cut in the print edition but Buzz has it in it’s entirety on his site.


  1. bz says:

    i want my cityfido back. i let it expire in may cause i didnt want to be tied to a contract when the iphone came out.

    think they’ll let me have it back? can i plead dumb and ignorant?

    gonna try.

  2. This is good news for me. I was all set to NOT get an iPhone on Friday, but I think I’m back on the iPhone wagon.

  3. John says:

    @bz can’t hurt to try but my understanding of the procedure is that once a grandfathered plan is removed, it can’t be re-added back since it’s now longer an option in the system.

    Rogers/Fido system sounds pretty inflexible in this regard but you may be able to get it back.

    I thought City Fido plans were highly coveted? People sell them on craigslist for $2-400. You could have profited!

  4. Dan says:

    This is great news. For someone like me who has an existing (and acceptable) ~$50 voice plan…adding $30 for 6GB seems alright. My bill should be only be pushed to about $80. Expensive…but better than before.

  5. ohhhh! says:

    oh that was a big mistake letting your cityfido contract lapse. There is no way you will ever get that back, guaranteed. With the news out today regarding cityfido contracts and the new 3g iphone. As long as you are within the renewal period for your cityfido contract, you can resign for 3 years with fido, pay the cheap price for the iphone and choose only to augment your plan with the additional 6gb data limit per month. So if you count up all the charges on your new cityfido bill, you are paying $100 for unlimited calls, 1000 sms, voicemail, caller id, and now 6gb data with ur new iphone 3g.
    I’m signing up for mine tomorrow.

  6. G sniggerlys says:

    Ohhh, you really played yourself BZ, there is no way they will ever let you start that plan up again. Like the oooh poster said, with everything added and a new iphone 3g it’s like $100 a month.
    ROgers/ fido don’t like that!

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