Rogers revises their iPhone 3G terms

Rogers updated their iPhone 3G voice and data plan page.

Data Usage – Your iPhone will be enabled for data usage. If you subscribe to a plan with no data included, data charges at a pay-per-use rate of 5¢/KB for data sent and/or received over the Rogers network will apply, unless you subscribe to a data plan, which we highly recommend. Roaming charges apply while using your iPhone outside Canada. U.S. data roaming on iPhone Packages is $3/MB. The standard international data roaming rate applies. Visit for our roaming rates and destinations. Data usage is measured in KB rounded to the next full KB.

Basically everyone is taking this to mean you can continue to use your current voice and data plans with the iPhone 3G…the ‘value pack bundles’ are optional (and of course highly recommended) as long as you commit to a 3 year term. This seems to be a very soft form of back peddling to counter the negative press they have been receiving due to the confusion that you had to choose one of the bundles in order to get an iPhone. Some people have been told by CSRs that the plans there were announced are not final until July 11th and could change….I suspect these are the final plans but we may see some different offerings in the future but not for launch. I’d like to see a reasonable amount of data (at least a gig) and visual voicemail bundled.

I also liked this passage from the popup linked from that page (red text link popup):

Unauthorized modification to iPhone
Your iPhone is restricted to use on the Rogers network, unless you are roaming. If you attempt to unlock your iPhone and use it on another network, it may become permanently unusable. Making unauthorized modifications to the software on your iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement, and any resulting inability to use your iPhone is not covered under your iPhone’s warranty.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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