iPhone Firmware 2.0 thought

Here’s a thought:

Now that Rogers will be bringing the iPhone to Canada, I wonder what will happen when the 2.0 firmware is released (most likely July 11th)? Let’s say you have a first generation iPhone, connected to the presumably newly released version of iTunes (on July 11th) and update the firmware and you’re logged into your Canadian iTunes account. Upgrading to a new firmware version has always locked the phone back to the original state – but would it now be locked to Rogers or AT&T?

I would be shocked if the above scenario ended up with a Rogers locked first generation iPhone but you never know…I might take a legitimately locked 1st gen iPhone with a plan of my choosing with access to the Apps store, Mobile Me, etc right out of the gate than the abomination that are their plans that lock you in for 3 years.

Or maybe not since I travel enough that I like having an unlocked iPhone.

It doesn’t really matter either way since the new firmware will be hacked a lot quicker than previously as a lot more is known this time around than last year.

Anyways, just something I’ve been thinking about.

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  1. inaequitas says:

    While Apple may improve the security of the firmware before release, so far Zibri has been hacking every beta within hours of release.


    Since for iPhone 3G the focus seem to be on in-store activation (though the custom iTunes version that Rogers will be using has been leaked and is available on the tubes) I think Apple won’t go too crazy on making the software lock much different. If you are locked in a contract (with those outrageous cancellation fees) then Apple’s held their part of the bargain with the carrier.

    I just hope there will not be issues with the AppStore and FairPlayed applications on a jailbroken phone.

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