Put those guitars away nice & cheap

El Cheapo Guitar StandFile this under ‘news any real guitar player already knows’ but thought I’d make a quick post to save you some cash if you have a bunch of plastic guitars piled up in the corner from RockBand and Guitar Hero.

Don’t buy the crappy stands from the videogame/big box electronics stores, go to a real music store. I went to a local Long & McQuade store and had a choice of proper guitar stands starting as low as $11…I opted for theĀ $14.50 model since it had black foam instead of the orange that the cheaper model had. These can be had online for even cheaper if you shop around but you’ll probably pay shipping so it’s your call which is easier.

As you can see from my photo, it easily holds two guitars..possibly three.

Beats paying $20+ for one at Future Shop or Best Buy. Don’t buy their USB cables either….hit a dollar store instead.

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