Shocking! Rogers changes it’s data plans

In a shocking move that is both good and bad at the same time, Rogers has apparently changed their data plans. Bad because it’s still woefully overpriced compared to the rest of the planet but good because now instead of raping you in overages if you go beyond your data allotment, they now just bump you up to the next tier which actually seem relatively fair.

Roger’s Data Plans

They’ve got a long way to go before they can expect anyone other than corporate users to start using mobile data in any significant way on their network. I guess rollover data is also a pipe dream at this point.

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  1. the fine print seems scary from
    only GPRS (what about 3G, I already enjoy unlimited GPRS thru my grandfathered plan):

    A one-time activation fee applies. A 50¢ 911 Emergency Service Fee and a $6.95 System Access Fee apply each month in addition to the monthly fee. Long distance, text messages sent, wireless essential services, pay-per-use services and applicable taxes are extra. If less than 1 MB of data is used, usage will be rounded up to the next full KB. Only data wirelessly transmitted (sent/received) over the Rogers Wireless GPRS network is deducted from the monthly data allotment. No airtime or long distance applies to data usage. Roaming data usage is not included in E-mail Plans. Standard roaming rate is billed at 5¢ per KB in both the United States and other countries. Customers with a MyMail E-mail Plan will be billed 1¢ per KB while roaming in the USA, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Offer includes 3 months of unlimited local calling and 3 months of unlimited text messages, excluding premium messages (Roaming, International, Alerts, Contests and Promotions), unlimited picture messages and unlimited video messages if supported by your phone, and is available on 2 or 3-year term only. Unlimited picture and video messaging begins at time of activation.

    and what does 50% off the service fee mean? Does this mean $120/month instead of $60/month after 3 months? Or $30/month for first 3 months and $60/month thereafter?

    Includes 50% off Monthly Service Fee for 3 months on a 3 year term** (only available on $40 plans and up)
    For a limited time Receive the first 3 months of email and browsing on BlackBerry Plans, Windows Mobile Plans, PC Card Plans and Voice and BlackBerry or Windows Mobile packages. Offer eligible on 25MB plans and above on a 3 year voice and data agreement.

  2. Warren Frey says:

    Having just gotten my iPhone up and running this is a turn for the better….but it still ain’t great. $65 is still pretty damn ridiculous compared to unlimited EDGE for $20 in the States.

  3. John says:

    So you got the phone running, Warren?

    Yeah, here’s hoping that Rogers offers some more reasonable data options for consumers as opposed to business only plans. While unlimited for $20 would be great, I just don’t see it happening. I could see them offering 100mb/250mb/500mb plans at staggered price points….but there is no way it should cost more than high speed internet from a full size ISP.

  4. Warren Frey says:

    Yup, turns out I was dealing with a dodgy hardware sim-fooler, so a a quick trip to Richmond (the land of cell liberation) solved that problem. And I can hang onto my nerd pride because all the heavy lifting and jailbreakery was done by me. :)

    Of course I have no data plan to speak of so it’s kind of irritating to get that “No Edge” warning whenever I’m not near free wifi, but it beats getting charged a ridiculous amount of money. But when I was in SF everyone and their dog had an iPhone (and not just at Macworld) and would surf at whim, so I’m hoping Rogers comes to its senses eventually. This new pricing tier might be a first step to reasonableness once the spectrum auction starts or Telus moves to GSM.

  5. I read somewhere that this new data plan applies only to GPRS modems, not data-capable phones. Anyone have some info on that?

  6. John says:

    It is for modems but they haven’t restricted it for use on other devices like the iPhone….you just have to ask. I know a couple of people that have gotten it….but they are supposed to have new data plans coming in the next few weeks for handset users as well….hopefully more competitively priced.

    Apparently, they will be offering a $7/month unlimited (probably soft capped) for ‘Rogers certified devices’ – whatever that means – like the Bell/Telus deals for specific handsets only which may exclude iPhone use…unless of course they begin to offer them – which I highly doubt since Canada wasn’t mentioned at all during the Apple Financial call with shareholders the other day yet other countries were as far as iPhone expansion is concerned.

  7. John says:


    Looks like iPhones are SOL in the data department.

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