Another happy Canadian iPhone customer

…using a StealthSIM:

Stealth SIM

A friend purchased an iPhone as a Christmas present for someone but since it was the 1.1.2 version firmware (purchased from an Apple store in early December), it couldn’t be unlocked via (currently available) software methods.
iPhone on Rogers
So that someone got a really nice iPod under the tree. It was decided shortly after opening it that they wanted to get it unlocked to use as a phone so based on my recommendation, they ordered the StealthSIM which I mentioned previously. Order was placed after boxing day and it was delivered (or at least was attempted) on New Year’s Eve so that seems to be pretty good for speed.

The whole operation only for a few seconds and simply involved cutting a corner of the Roger’s SIM card to make it mesh with the StealthSIM. It then ‘just worked’ on the Rogers network with no further hassle.

The number of friends with these SIM based solutions keep rising. I’m even considering getting one since it appears to make it very easy to be able to upgrade your firmware without a lot of fussing with down/upgrading. A more details leak out (if you believe them that is) about the next firmware (version 1.1.3), the more I’m going to want to upgrade. Time will tell if my friends with the StealthSIM or TurboSIM solutions have any issues or whether Apple has found a way to block those devices in future firmware releases.


  1. PG says:

    My StealthSIM has been working pretty good so far, however I do get the occasional “NO SIM” error. The only way I can get around that error is to reset the phone (power down), or sometimes put it in and out of Airplane Mode. From what I understand my SIM card (Rogers) is about 3 years old and it looks a little different than my friends (who NEVER get NO SIM errors on his iPhone / StealthSIM). That may have something to do with it, and I’m considering buying another SIM card from Rogers and having my settings (or whatever is on a SIM card) transferred to the new SIM.

  2. @PG: Go for it. New sim versions are released from time to time. I picked up two 3G sims in March; I recently had to replace one of them and a yet-newer version was out.

  3. John says:

    Just as an addendum to this post, in case you didn’t click through to the previous post, the company my friend used was – it was about $120 delivered for the stealth sim.

  4. Sean C says:

    Do you know of anyone who has ordered from, based in Victoria?

  5. John says:

    Not personally….just Check out Craigslist as well…there are a number of people selling them locally that might be a better/quicker option too.

  6. chico says:

    i’m tired of being jealous of my gf’s iphone… i’m getting my own! and when i’m all confused about about using it, guess whose desk i’ll be frequenting? lucky you.

  7. mOOse says:

    Just so you know, I have ordered from

    Goods ordered Wednesday, delivery on the Friday in Calgary. Installed and working!

    Very pleased with them.

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