Another reason to like Apple

After picking up a new ginormous hard drive on boxing day (think Black Friday in the US, only much lamer), I went about adding it to my Powermac G5 tower (aka my server).

For some reason, Apple always does things different than other computer manufacturers and the process of upgrading the hard drive is no different. Fortunately, they tend to do amazingly beautiful documentation on everything so after opening up the tower, it was pretty easy to get down to business.

Small problem though – since this was an additional hard drive, I needed to use Apple’s little rubber coated screws as guides to hold it in place. Since this PowerMac was given to me by a client after upgrading, I didn’t have the original box or anything that might contain the screws needed to install the hard drive.

PowerMac G5 HD screws

Of course, Apple thought about that and actually installed four extra screws inside the chassis (green arrow in the image above which I added), right where you’d see them when upgrading your hard drive.

“it’s the little things…”


  1. PG says:

    I remember installing another internal drive in my G5 (DP2.5). It was too easy! Great design too.

  2. I LOVE that illustration. I remember once, this tourism-fisherman on the westcoast of Van. Island was painstakingly perfect in how he tied his fishing line knots (I don’t get it- I’m not a fisher). My brother, a biologist, commented on it to him. The guy looked at him and said, “this is why my business is so much more successful than the other ones. Because I tie like this.” The msg was that the small details like being careful in tying knots are what separate the Extraordinary experiences from the OK.
    I try it in my business … but I’m inconsistent. It’s tough! So yeah, again, apple.

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