Anyone have an Asus eeePC laptop?

I just sold my three year old 12″ G4 Powerbook today. It’s been the best laptop I’ve ever owned and I only sold it because someone made me a tempting offer I couldn’t refuse. Been thinking that I can get by with my computers at home and my iPhone on the go (for now at least).

I’ve been waiting for Apple to come out with a small(er) ‘pro’ line laptop for awhile now. Sure there is the MacBook but it was missing a few things under the hood for me. A 15″ MacBook Pro has also been tempting except I prefer a smaller laptop otherwise I’m less likely to lug it around.

I was beginning to suspect I was holding out for something that would never quite meet my requirements – at least from Apple. There have been rumours forever out of Cupertino that an ultraslim, solid state drive based MacBook Pro Nano would be coming and who knows what Steve will unveil in January at MacWorld.
Asus eeePC
The tiny Sony Vaio’s have also been pretty sweet as well if not very expensive.

Then I stumbled upon the Asus eeePC laptop. While not a MacBook by any stretch, it certainly has some interesting specs (7″ screen, 4gb solid state flash drive, 512mb ram, wifi, onboard camera, Linux, SD card slot, three USB ports + very fast boot times) and a price point that is low enough ($399) that it might be worth checking out. Not to mention that people are putting OSX on it!

I found a few places online (in Canada even!) that sell it but I’m thinking I want to kick the tires before I drop the cash. Have you seen one in person or do you own one? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it…..and where/if it’s available in the Metro Vancouver area.

Update: Here’s a video of the eeePC in comparison to a 15″ Sony Vaio:


UPDATE: I now have one….the ‘Galaxy Black’ model:
eeePC eeePC eeePC

The onboard webcam is pretty decent too!
Uh oh!


  1. Allen Pike says:

    One of my friends here in Vancouver, Dan, got one and he’s thrilled with it. He made a couple comments about it on my post on the Eee from a couple weeks ago. For the price, it seems like a really solid buy.

  2. John says:

    Thanks Allen.

    I’m still on the fence – pay $400 now or wait until MacWorld to see if Steve has his own version – which will most likely cost a bit more than $400.

  3. Greg says:

    Having owned a Mac Mini with 512 MB of RAM (now upgraded), I’d advise against entertaining thoughts of running OS X on the eee. It’s a really interesting little piece of kit though.

  4. NCIX/NetLink Computers here in Burnaby has them in stock (limit 1 per customer!):

  5. Khern says:


    I recently bought an EEEPC “4G”. And I got some challenges using the built in webcam on skype and messenger.
    Would you be able to give some advise how to get the webcam working with Linus OS.

  6. John says:

    You’ll need to get the latest version of Skype – possibly just a software update if you still have the default Linux install running for the first time. You also may have to enable the webcam in the BIOS as mine wasn’t enabled by default.

    This might help as well.

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