DemoCamp Vancouver 2007

Tonight is DemoCamp at WorkSpace in Gastown. This is the second DemoCamp this year and my first one so hopefully they’ll be gentle.

Doesn’t look like they are fully booked so if you’re around, come by and check it out…there will be a gong!

UPDATE: just got back from DemoCamp….it was pretty fun, albeit hot in there with all the people…the highlight was definately seeing and getting to play with an iPhone. Yes, it is as cool as the hype machine makes it out to be.

Google Maps Taking a picture

I’m surprised that guy made it out of there in one piece with his iPhone! It was cool of him to let a bunch of sweaty Canadian geeks play with quite possibly the best cellphone ever made.

I had heard about half of the stuff being demoed including the MyBus Vancouver Facebook app which Stacie loves (she discovered it on her own and told me about it which was cool) and Robot Replay which I’d like to use at work but it doesn’t currently work with SSL which is the world I work in.

I’m looking forward to attending the next DemoCamp rumoured to be in September…or possibly before BarCamp in August. Thanks to Boris, Bill and the gang for making these kinds of events happen!

Anyways, that’s about all I got….the iPhone blocked out my memories of the other demos so check out this recap…off to dream about the iPhone.

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