Kayaking for noobs

I finally got past my long list of excuses for not using my recently purchased kayak and took it for it’s inaugural run.
My Costco Kayak
Costco had a deal that I passed up last year that I couldn’t pass up this year. I’ve had inflatable watercrafts before (including a fun sit-on inflatable kayak) but it just isn’t the same as a solid hull kayak. The cost was about the same as a few rental excursions so I bought it.

Then I got sick, put out my back, got sick again, jammed my shoulder, crappy weather, etc…today I sucked it up (and some Advil just in case), loaded it up and headed down to Deep Cove.

The weather was perfect and the launch area wasn’t too busy for a Sunday morning. I don’t have a roof rack on my car but the kayak came with a roof kit (consisting of a couple pieces of foam and a bunch of nylon tie-downs). I swear the act of loading and unloading the kayak is a bigger workout that using it on the water…at least by myself that is.

I paddled around Deep Cove for about an hour and a half and had a great time. I wouldn’t mind finding a better…er different place to use it though…so if you have any suggestions, please drop them in the comments. Deep Cove is a great place, it’s just so busy and the tourists seem to flock there….so parking is always a pain.

I didn’t want to risk my Nikon on my first outing so I took my little Casio camera and took a few shots….definitely missed the Nikon’s zoom…just need to get some kind of waterproof bag for it before I’d consider taking it out. The Casio is nice and small and fits nicely into a ziplock and my Pelican box.

CIMG2168.JPG CIMG2170.JPG CIMG2176.JPG Pirate Bay HQ?

I loved that the house on the water (and there were a bunch of beautiful places on the water) in the last photo was flying a tattered Pirate Flag….I’m pretty sure there is a bit torrent server running inside.

Oh and Happy Canada Day, eh!


  1. I’m getting a lot of heat to try this out from Beck. We’ll see… :p

  2. John says:

    Let me know if you want to check it out and take mine for a spin…it’s really a lot of fun. Plus there are tons of rental places around so we could get a group out too.

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