Scanning the cactus on my kitchen counter
Scanning the cactus on my kitchen counter

Top 20 3D Printing Influencers 2014


Wow…somehow I was named number 7 on this list of the top 20 3D printing influencers in the world. The list was compiled from a number of social media metrics. […]

Workshop: Which 3D Printer Should I Buy?


Once again, my friends at Zen Maker Lab are hosting an workshop. This time, it’s a workshop to help you choose a desktop 3D printer, hosted by yours truly. This […]

Structure 3D Scanner: Hands on

Scanning the cactus on my kitchen counter

I just received my Structure 3D Scanner from Occipital. This was a Kickstarter that I backed last year. Here’s their video that shows what the scanner can do: In the […]

3D Printer Village at the Vancouver Maker Faire 2014

3D Printer Village

Hot on the heels of the Bay Area Maker Faire, Vancouver hosted their own mini Maker Faire this past weekend. The 3D Printer Village, operated by myself and members of […]

Maker Faire Bay Area

Adam Savage inspires hundreds of makers from the life size mousetrap game

I just returned from San Francisco where I attended the world’s largest Maker Faire in San Mateo (aka the Bay Area Maker Faire). I’ve been to and exhibited at a number of Maker Faires but this was my first time at the ‘big one’ which originated in the Bay Area 9 years ago.

3D Book Update: Launch Party June 2nd!


Just a quick update about my book, 3D Printing with Autodesk. Firstly, you can read a chapter for free here (PDF). It’s one of my favorite chapters as it covers […]

May the 4th be with you

3D printed lightsaber

For Star Wars day, on May the 4th (get it), I 3D printed a couple of cool things. I also decided to further take my MakerBot to the dark side […]

Flying up the Sunshine Coast

View from the cockpit

Recently I had a chance to check another item off the bucket list…fly a plane! My friend John has a 3D printer which I helped him get dialed in and he paid me back by taking me for a spin in his plane on a perfect day.

Achievement Unlocked: I Wrote a Book about 3D Printing


This website has been a wonderful outlet for me to share some of my favorite things, places I’ve been and more. It started out as simply a place to direct people to for more information on something that interested me. I never imagined that, as a result of my little posts here, that a book deal would come my way. That’s just what happened last year. Apparently if you write about something enough, people think you’re somewhat of an expert and so I was asked if I’d like to write a book about 3D printing.

Unboxing the Amazon Fire TV


Amazon made a big splash with the recent release of their new Fire TV set top box. Positioned to directly compete against the Apple TV (both priced at $99US), it’s a pretty beefy little box for all your media viewing at home.