Trying on different models at the Apple Store
Trying on different models at the Apple Store
3D printed Copperfill Cactus
3D printed Copperfill Cactus
Remote Parking Assist
Remote Parking Assist

A few months with an Apple Watch

Trying on different models at the Apple Store

Has the shine worn off the Apple Watch? After a few months wearing one, I give a status update.

Weekly 3D Printing Blab

3D printed Copperfill Cactus

We test drive the Blab video conferencing platform to talk all things 3D printing.

Further with Ford: Smart Parking

Remote Parking Assist

Ford shows me some of the new innovations in smart parking coming to their vehicles in the very near future.

The 3DCanada Project

Customers watch the 3D printers in Quebec City

The 3D Canada project will capture hundreds of Canadians in 3D and incorporate their likeness into one of the largest 3D printed art projects.

Palm Springs Air Museum

Inside the B-17 Flying Fortress

Visit the Palm Springs Air Museum and step inside historic aircraft, including a B-17 Bomber still in service.

Further with Ford: Carbon3D 3D Printing Innovations

Carbon3D Printer

I get to spend some time up close with the Carbon3D 3D printer at the Ford Innovation and Research Center in Palo Alto.

An otherworldly visit to the Joshua Tree National Park

An otherworldly visit

A follow-up visit to Joshua Tree National Park during a nearby wildfire yielded some spectacular sights.

A Trip To Shanghai

The view from the Bund

My first trip to Asia was eye opening and amazing. Shanghai couldn’t have surprised me more and changed my preconceived ideas of China.

The M3D Micro 3D printer

I had to buy the green one

The M3D was a wildly successful 3D printer on Kickstarter – is it too good to be true for a $349 3D printer?

Talking 3D Printing on CCTV News in China

Live via satellite

I recently discussed 3D printing and the impact to the future of manufacturing in China on CCTV