My current wallet and contents
My current wallet and contents
The Strati on display in Detroit
The Strati on display in Detroit
On the Factory floor
On the Factory floor

A Better Kind of Wallet

My current wallet and contents

The Capsul Case will make you think differently about your wallet. I did a decade ago.

3D Printed Cars at NAIAS 2015

The Strati on display in Detroit

The world’s first 3D printed car being MADE at the North American International Autoshow in Detroit.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

On the Factory floor

A fascinating walking tour of the factory floor where Ford builds their F-150 trucks.

Behind the Blue Oval at NAIAS 2015

The Ford GT is the centerpiece of the Blue Oval

I visit Detroit with Ford to get an insiders look at NAIAS 2015

CES 2015: Part Two

The view of the Sony booth

Part 2 of my adventures at CES 2015 where I highlight some of the cool and wacky stuff on the show floor & Las Vegas

CES 2015: 3D Printing Roundup

The MakerBot booth front & center

My CES 2015 3D printing related roundup of the bleeding edge of 3DP. Interview about 3D Printing


I speak with about my involvement in the 3D printing community.

3D Printing the NASA Wrench


3D printing the NASA wrench that was recently ‘emailed’ to the international space station and printed in space.

10 movers and shakers to watch in 3D printing

Voronoi lamp shade printing on a DittoPro

The other day I woke up to find myself listed in’s 10 Movers and Shakers to watch in 3D Printing: Like the other lists I’ve been included in lately, […]

Sony’s Hi-Res Audio Walkman

Sony's Hi-Res Audio Walkman

I take Sony’s latest Hi-Res audio gear for a test drive…including the current version of the Walkman.