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Going to SXSWi? Part 2

One of the cool side benefits of going to the Interactive portion of SXSW is that you get exposed to the Film and Music festivals. Unless you purchase a gold […]

Drumming to Mario

This is pretty damn sweet: Thanks Peter!

Slot machine on your iPhone

There is an amazing new Slot Machine game called iSlots on Installer right now: It even maintains your bank between plays and has sound effects of the reels going.

New toy: Cherry Master Video Slot Machine

I went to an arcade auction this weekend and scored this upright video slot machine for cheap. I think it’s hilarious that it screams “FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY” on the top […]

ScummVM on the iPhone

Cool. Details here.. Found via Gizmodo. (thanks Pete!)

WoW plus Toyota equals Awesome!

For a recovering WoW addict, this is an awesome commercial: