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Olympic Hair

This is just too awesome to not post: This girl was in the media centre with her family watching the women’s gold medal final hockey game…she made my day!

Johnny Weir chats with Kris Krug

kk and I had a chance to talk with Johnny Weir (USA: Figure Skating) about his experiences in Vancouver during these Olympic Games:

Nardwuar and the Olympics

As I’ve mentioned before, the BC Media Centre hosts a lot of press conferences. One highlight of many of them is long time Vancouver favorite, Nardwuar the Human Serviette asking […]

A Taste of the Yukon

I never expected to be doing many of the things I’ve had the chance do during these Olympic Games. The pavilions during the Games have been a great way to […]

Taking the Alberta Train to Whistler

Last week, I had the chance to ride the Alberta Train to Whistler. Yes you read that right…although I didn’t go to Alberta, for a good part of the day, […]

Meeting Lord Stanley’s Cup

One of the many benefits of the BC Media Centre is that all sorts of cool things come through here. The other day, Lord Stanley’s Cup stopped by: The rules […]

Canada’s Northern House

Earlier this week I stopped by Canada’s Northern House Pavillion on Hastings & Seymour. It’s a huge two level pavilion that seems to be drawing big lineups but since they […]

People of the Games

The Winter Olympic Games have brought thousands of people to Vancouver and I’ve been able to meet a ton of amazing people during my adventures over the last couple of […]

The Premier is a busy guy

The BC Media Centre that I’m currently using as basecamp during the Olympic Games hosts a LOT of press conferences and Premier Gordon Campbell attends many of them: and when […]

A Tour of the BC Media Centre

My pal Duane stopped by for a visit the other day and we shot this little video to give you a little glimpse inside the BC Media Centre. It’s where […]