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DemoCamp Vancouver 03

This Thursday, October 4th is the next DemoCamp event at Workspace in Gastown – a very cool place and the home of BarCamp as well as this Flickr story. As […]

PhotoCamp 2007 Wrapup

During BarCamp this year, Kris Krug hosted PhotoCamp which was actually a session within the BarCamp program and not a longer event as I had originally thought. I touched on […]

BarCamp Vancouver 2007 Wrapup

The 2007 BarCamp Vancouver is over and it was a lot of fun. This was my first BarCamp and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Friday night was the ‘bar’ […]

WordCamp 2007

I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow to spend an extra long weekend with a good friend, check out his new office at Apple, and attend WordCamp which is a two […]

DemoCamp Vancouver 2007

Tonight is DemoCamp at WorkSpace in Gastown. This is the second DemoCamp this year and my first one so hopefully they’ll be gentle. Doesn’t look like they are fully booked […]

BarCamp Vancouver 2007

Signups have started for the 2007 installment of BarCamp Vancouver on August 17th/18th. I’ve never been to a BarCamp before and I missed it here last year. I also never […]