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My WordCamp Whistler 2009 Session Notes

During my talk at WordCamp Whistler, I mentioned a number of plugins you can use on your WordPress site. I created a demo site to show how these things work…don’t […]

12hrs@24fps [still more time lapse]

See what happens when you leave your camera on while you’re at work? Shot out my bedroom window over twelve hours. 842 stills. Yeah, I’m really enjoying my P6000 camera. […]

Moving pictures [more time lapse]

This weekend, my pal Duane packed all his belongings into a UHaul and trucked them all to Chilliwack. I brought my P6000 along to capture everyone help him lug stuff […]

Fastest commute ever [time lapse]

Shot with my Nikon P6000 in the 30s interval time lapse movie mode. P6000 attached to my Manfrotto tripod in the front passenger seat. The tripod legs are basically double […]