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Going on a Science Field Trip: the VanScienceSocial

I go on the geekiest field trip since high school (possibly ever) and experience some very interesting science around the city.

Kennedy Space Center and a SpaceX rocket launch

A visit to Florida isn’t complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center and I got a bonus rocket launch courtesy of SpaceX

3D Printing the NASA Wrench

3D printing the NASA wrench that was recently ’emailed’ to the international space station and printed in space.

Tech Tuesday: ArduSAT & a phone charging belt buckle

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I talked about these items: ArduSAT – a fantastic Kickstarter project to put a private satellite in space that you can control. Based […]

Sea Launch: mobile rocket launch platform in Vancouver Dry Dock

A coworker noticed this ship was in dry dock beside our office in North Vancouver today: Turns out it’s the command ship for the Sea Launch mobile rocket launchpad. I’ve […]