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A little solder will do ya

After printing a box full of trilego at MakerFaire last weekend, my MakerBot decided it needed a break…actually one of the pins on the heater board decided it needed to […]

More 3d printing timelapses

Over the weekend I experimented with some new timelapse workflows using my GoPro Hero2 camera. It involved setting up the GoPro to shoot stills at specific intervals (every 5 seconds […]

Longest print yet for my Prusa

This past weekend I completed the longest continuous print yet on my Prusa Mendel…just under 9 hours straight. It’s the Basalt Pencil Holder from Thingiverse. It was printed at 100% […]

Tantillus 3d printer is now available for purchase

My pal Brad (aka Sublime) has been working hard over the last 4 months or so to fine tune his custom designed, pretty much from scratch, portable 3d printer. He’s […]

The 3d printer that keeps on giving

I bought and assembled my first 3d printer kit last summer, a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic (the device in the middle). Since then, it’s printed the Reprap Prusa Mendel printer (on the […]

Tantillus & Prusa 3d printer build updates

A brief update on the build status of my prototype version of Brad’s (aka Sublime) forthcoming Tantillus 3d printer and my Prusa Mendel Reprap printer. Last weekend, Brad & I […]

3D Printer Update #7

It’s been a few weeks since my last build update so I figured it might be good time to post some updates on all the printers I’ve got on the […]

Prusa Mendel build update #6

This past weekend, Brad came over and helped me tweak things on my Prusa Mendel. He immediately noticed a few issues in the prints I had previously made. I ended […]

Prusa Mendel Update #5: It’s alive & printing!

After a night of fixing various problems, I finally have my Prusa printing objects that actually resemble objects! It’s no where near calibrated nor perfect but it’s working reliably now […]

Reprappers of the world unite

This past weekend, I hosted the guys from our Fraser Valley RepRap group at my place so that we could actually setup our machines to print and tinker. This is […]