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I’ve been busily printing Prusa Mendel RepRap parts for people on my MakerBot for awhile now and decided to finally setup a proper online store for them and other printed […]

Prusa Mendel: build update

It’s been awhile so I thought I’d post a quick update on my Prusa Mendel build progress. Technically, I’ve got everything I need to assemble the 3D printer…just a lack […]

Prusa Mendel: building the frame

I finished printing all the plastic parts needed to build a Prusa Mendel. Also a box of hardware and motors I ordered from Mixshop arrived so I was able to […]

Adventures in 3D Printing: the Prusa Mendel

As part of my continuing adventures with a 3D printer, my next project is printing an actual 3D printer, the opensource Prusa Mendel, a Reprap derivative. Well, printing a good […]