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iPhone firmware 1.1.3 jailbroken…kinda

The internets are all abuzz with news (and video proof) that the latest firmware for the iPhone (and Touch as seen in the video) has been jailbroken…but the method hasn’t […]

Nokia N810 tablet + full Linux KDE desktop

A friend sent word that you can now put a full linux desktop (KDE) on the Nokia N810 tablet. This was in an effort to convince me to buy an […]

MacBook Air

So yesterday, I said to not buy anything from Apple because today they’d be possibly announcing some new products. Well they did indeed announce a few new things and I […]

Good Experience: Crumpler Bags

I think I have a problem. Is it weird for a guy to like gadget bags? I think I have a bag/pouch/container for just about everything gadget I own. I […]

OLPC vs eeePC

The other night after DemoCamp, kk+ asked me about my eeePC and how it might compare to the OLPC (aka One Laptop Per Child project). I got to play with […]

Unboxing the eeePC

Found this great video of someone (Paul, the forum admin) in the UK unboxing his eeePC: via forums

MobileCamp Vancouver

On Saturday, I attended the first MobileCamp Vancouver, held at Workspace which makes my second visit there in two days…if I didn’t already have an office, this is where I […]

Test drive the eeePC’s desktop

Someone has put together an html demo of the eeePC’s easy mode desktop so you can see what it’s like:

Warranty Voided

Decided I couldn’t resist opening the little door on the back of the eeePC and upgrade the ram (now at 1gb from the stock 512mb) and the mini pci-e port. […]

Mini-review of a min-eee PC

Well, shortly after selling my Powerbook, I discovered and acquired an Asus eeePC – pronounced ‘E-pc’ – the three e’s stand for “Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to […]