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Two weeks with the iPad

As I mentioned previously, iCaved during the iPad launch weekend and drove down to Seattle and picked up a 32gb wifi iPad. My decision to drive across the line to […]


Yes, I decided to head down to the Apple Store in the Alderwood Mall today and get my own 32gb Wifi iPad (for realz): My original plan was to wait […]

Yes, I’m ordering an Apple iPad

Bad jokes about the name aside, I’ll be ordering an iPad just as soon as they are available: I’ll probably order the 32gb model with 3G radio. Not 100% sure […]

Twitter client for the Nintendo DS

I recently traded in my Nintendo DS Lite and some old games for a (basically free) Nintendo DSi so I’ve been playing around with it a fair bit lately (especially […]

Crumpler store opens in Vancouver

As you may have noticed, I really like Crumpler’s products. I just found out that a store that sells nothing but Crumpler products just opened in downtown Vancouver (corner of […]

One week with the iPhone 3G

I was going to call this post “It’s been One Week…” but in light of the recent issues Barenaked Ladies frontman, Steven Paige is having, I decided to go for […]

MacBook Air vs ThinkPad X300 [parody]

This is a pretty clever (and well done) parody of the MacBook Air commercial featuring the ThinkPad X300. It’s (the X300) definitely a decent ultraportable/subnotebook/fitsinanenvelope computer….it just doesn’t run OSX […]

MacBook Air 12 hour review

As in I’ve had it for 12 hours….not a 12 hour long review….although there are a lot of pictures. Obviously I haven’t had it long enough to really put it […]

I got my MBA

As I expected, my MacBook Air arrived today ahead of the projected shipping time and before my friend who ordered earlier than me and paid extra for faster shipping. I […]

Unboxing a MacBook Air

This could have been my video….thanks FedEx! Damn you and your slow boat plane to from China. Update: Looks like he’s disabled embedding of the video. Here’s a direct link.