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My Top 5 in 2007 Post

Since everyone is doing it, I thought I should do the same although I have a hard time putting them in some kind of order…so they aren’t! Here is my […]

Video from Northern Voice

Robert Scoble has posted his video of the Digital Photography session Kris Krug put on at Northern Voice that I attended last February. This is the session that helped reignite […]

Laughing Squid on on Flickr

I saw a twitter from Laughing Squid that he was talking with and grabbed a screencap and posted it on Flickr. So it’s kinda (not really) like I took […]

Digital Photography on the web

After attending Kris Krug’s Digital Photography session yesterday at Northern Voice 2007, I’ve been re-inspired to take/post more photos. Since moving to the new server, I’ve setup Coppermine to host […]