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What did Santa bring you?

Now that the Christmas dust has settled, the turkey has been eaten and, at least in Canada, the Boxing Day/Week sales are winding down, what did you get? Any cool […]

Apple’s Let’s Rock event

Today, Apple announced a number of new things at it’s “Let’s Rock” event and I have to say, I was a little surprised and disappointed. First of all, new iPod […]

The one about the Zune

I was recently offered the chance to test drive Microsoft’s latest version of their ‘wish I was an iPod’ MP3 player, the Zune and I jumped at the chance. Despite […]

Matt Darey’s Nocturnal Podcast

I recently stumbled across Matt Darey’s podcast (iTunes link) which is basically a rebroadcast of his show on the XM satellite radio station BPM. It’s completely free and from what […]

Again & Again

Here’s a really creative music video done on a Mac: I love stuff like this. Via the big noob. ps. check out the PC version as well Update: TUAW has […]

iPhone Music Making App: Band

There is a new app on Installer is called Band from Moo Cow Music that lets you annoy everyone around you by playing instruments and samples on the iPhone’s touchscreen […]

What’s on the Apple TV?

I’ve been looking for a better way to use my HDTV lately. The Xbox360 (and XBox 1 running XBMC) I currently have works fine but the biggest issue I have […]

Going to SXSWi? Part 2

One of the cool side benefits of going to the Interactive portion of SXSW is that you get exposed to the Film and Music festivals. Unless you purchase a gold […]

Drumming to Mario

This is pretty damn sweet: Thanks Peter!

Let your iPhone play Name that Tune

This is REALLY cool. Take your iPhone and hold it up to a speaker/radio/etc playing nearly any song and run Erica Sudun’s insane new app, Listen. It will ‘sample’ whatever […]