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Yoda in Nuclear Green

The other day, Thingiverse member Bmoshe posted this awesome 3D model of Yoda. Easily the highest resolution model I’ve printed so far on my MakerBot coming in at a whopping […]

Animated short about 3D Printing

I stumbled across this clever animated short film called FULL PRINTED about how 3D printing is useful as well as a potential future of this technology. FULL PRINTED from nueve […]

Replicating Stephen Colbert

Recently I printed Stephen Colbert’s head on my MakerBot (in ‘John Boehner orange’ as someone in the comments on Flickr pointed out): and made a timelapse of the nearly 2 […]

A few weeks with a 3D Printer: What I’ve learned

I’ve had my MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer up and running for a few weeks now and thought I’d document some of the things that I’ve learned during this process. Hopefully […]

MakerBotCam is live

I’ve setup a UStream channel for my MakerBot so you can see what I’m currently printing with it. Can’t promise it will always be on but will try to record […]

3D Printing a Hyperboloid

Trying out my new time-lapse rig, using a Creative Live! Socialize HD Webcam here is a hyperboloid pencil holder I found on the Thingiverse: Just over 2.5 hours to print […]

Use your iPhone as a 3D scanner with Trimensional

I first saw this app a few months ago, well before I had decided to get into 3D printing. Trimensional is an iPhone app that lets you take 3D photos. […]

Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer: Part 2 – Fully Operational

I spent about 15 hours assembling the Thing-O-Matic last week and on Friday night was able to make my first 3D prints! During assembly, I really got to understand how […]

Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer: Part 1

After wanting one for literally years, I finally took the plunge last week and ordered my first 3D printer, a Thing-O-Matic from Makerbot Industries: What is a 3D printer? Well, […]