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Revisiting Toon Paint

I spent a great weekend in Squamish recently for their annual music festival. I was shooting for Rebecca and she has a couple of posts with my photos from the […]

Tech Tuesday: Turn Your iPhone Into a Satellite Phone & Google’s Keep

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items: Turn Your iPhone Into A Satellite Phone: A new product from Thuraya called the SatSleeve allows you […]

Tech Tuesday: Lytro Reinvents The Camera, Again & Task One iPhone case

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver I talked about these items: Lytro Reinvents The Camera Once Again: The Lytro Light Field Camera is a unique camera that captures […]

Tech Tuesday: Track your daily activities by GPS and transmit 70 dvds worth of data a second

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I discussed these topics: Twisted light: New tech can transmit 70 DVDs worth of data per second: Researchers at USC have found a […]

Tech Tuesday: Toughest iPhone Case & digitizing a museum

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items: Toughest iPhone case yet – A recently funded Kickstarter project from Snow Lizard is now shipping one […]

Tech Tuesdays: Clothes that tell you how many people ‘Like’ it & create an iPhone case on your iPhone

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items: CaseApp – a new iPhone app lets you create & order a customized hardshell case for your […]

Why I love Hipstamatic

Let me start by saying I don’t hate Instagram, I’m just not a fan…this post is why I love Hipstamatic (for the iPhone) and use it constantly. This post also […]

Use your iPhone as a 3D scanner with Trimensional

I first saw this app a few months ago, well before I had decided to get into 3D printing. Trimensional is an iPhone app that lets you take 3D photos. […]

Toon Paint for iPhone

I stumbled across a very interesting iPhone app today called Toon Paint. It lets you take or process iPhone photos into line drawings and then gives you the ability to […]

My latest iPhone 4 case

Likely my last case for the iPhone 4 because it’s awesome and because the iPhone 5 is due out later this year…but I’ve said that before. It’s from the folks […]