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Wired Wednesday: Max Motor Dreams, Notion & Link AKC Smart Collar

My weekly technology talk with Ben Wilson on News 1130 radio in Vancouver

Tech Tuesday: Scanadu’s Scout tricorder and create your own GPS watch apps

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items: Scanadu’s Scout tricorder: an entrant in the Tricorder XPrize contest, the Scout is Scanadu’s crack at bringing […]

Tech Tuesday: Track your daily activities by GPS and transmit 70 dvds worth of data a second

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I discussed these topics: Twisted light: New tech can transmit 70 DVDs worth of data per second: Researchers at USC have found a […]

Tech Tuesday: Find your way indoors and an app for couples

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about: Find your way inside a mall or supermarket: GPS works great for getting from a to b in your […]

i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger

Just before the Olympics started, I was given a new GPS gadget to play with, called the i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger. Since I was planning on […]

Apple announces the iPhone 3GS

Today Apple unveiled the latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. The ‘S’ stands for speed. It will be available in North America on Friday, June 19th. This is […]

Phottix Geo One GPS Review

The fine folks at Phottix sent me their latest creation, the Geo One GPS module. This is an almost exact replica of the Nikon GP-1 GPS module I reviewed previously […]

Nikon GP-1 GPS review

Last month I pre-ordered the Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit for my DSLR. It’s an addon that automatically geo-tags photos you take with the gps coordinates of your current location. I’ve […]