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My Summer in Photos

I’ve been pretty busy this summer with a number of different events and things that I haven’t posted about so I thought I’d post a little photo summary of my […]

Vancouver Mini MakerFaire 2012

We’re just over a month away from Vancouver’s 2nd installment of the Mini MakerFaire (June 23-24). Last year was the first one in Vancouver and it was a blast. I […]

House of Air Indoor Trampoline Park

I was down in San Francisco for a quick trip last weekend and my friend Nadia suggested we check out House of Air as she goes there weekly for a […]

I love movie special effects

Last year, I happened upon a strange ‘structure’ that didn’t have any context. I assumed it was part of a movie set but there was no cameras or people or […]

Hands-on with the Caanoo handheld videogame system

I’m a huge retro videogame fan…I play all the new games and consoles but always go back to my childhood games from the 80s. Every time I get a new […]

SXSW 2011 and the epic roadtrip is a wrap!

And like that, the craziest roadtrip I’ve ever been on is over. We got back to Vancouver late Sunday afternoon. It was an emotional farewell to the EhTeam as we […]

Nikon + Vimeo’s Light After Dark party @ SXSW

I was originally going to do one giant SXSW wrap up post but figured a few things warranted their own posts. The first of these posts is about a party/event […]

Wait, do you still have a day job?

The title of this post is a question I’ve been asked a lot lately…and yes, I do still have a day job. I’ve been fortunate enough lately to be able […]

Traded my Leica for a Nikon

Well, not really…but kinda. I’ve been using a fake Leica iPhone 4 skin on my iPhone for a few months now and it’s been amazing the response I get from […]

Touring the Thompson/Okanagan

Last month I traveled around the BC Interior as a guest blogger for my friend Rebecca who couldn’t attend due to prior commitments. Tough break for her…awesome break for me! […]