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Getting ready for SXSWi 2009

Once again, it’s time to start planning for SXSWi which is coming up pretty fast in just under two months. It’s the annual ‘geek summer camp’ held in Austin, Texas […]

Breakfast with Jeff Pulver in Vancouver

This morning I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Jeff Pulver and a few dozen other fine folks at Enigma in Vancouver. Considering it was a pretty early start […]

Bloggers and the Beer Factory

Earlier this week, I had a chance to attend a special event at the Molson brewery called Brew 2.0. It was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brewery in […]

A day at Playland

A nice diversion from all the iPhone related stuff lately, yesterday a bunch of us (John, Rebecca, Jen, Keira and Amy) went to Playland for the day. It’s our local […]

Dave Olson hangs with Leo

In quite possibly one of my favorite Lab with Leo segments ever,┬áDave Olson chats with Leo about his multimedia publishing empire that started back in the 80’s and how now […]

The cows came home

I finally received my Moo cards that I had ordered at the beginning of February. This was my third batch and it was strangely the only one to take a […]

Bowl for Big Brothers Classic

Thanks to an email from Rebecca, I’ve just joined ‘Team Blogger’ for this years Bowl for Big Brothers Classic event taking place on March 16th. So far I’ll be joining […]

The Indoor Kids win!

As if there was any doubt that the Blogger team would win CBC’s Test the Nation. Check out Rebecca (aka Miss604) on national tv talking about her blog and podcast: […]