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Back from Austin – SXSWi 2008 Wrapup

I really wanted to do a proper, long and detailed wrapup post for SXSWi but I’m not going to because there was just so much going on and it’s still […]

MacBook Air 12 hour review

As in I’ve had it for 12 hours….not a 12 hour long review….although there are a lot of pictures. Obviously I haven’t had it long enough to really put it […]

Nokia N810 tablet + full Linux KDE desktop

A friend sent word that you can now put a full linux desktop (KDE) on the Nokia N810 tablet. This was in an effort to convince me to buy an […]

eeeXubuntu on the eeePC

Always curious to try new things, I figured I’d try out Ubuntu (gutsy) on my eeePC. The nice thing about Ubuntu (and many versions of Linux these days) is that […]

OLPC vs eeePC

The other night after DemoCamp, kk+ asked me about my eeePC and how it might compare to the OLPC (aka One Laptop Per Child project). I got to play with […]

Unboxing the eeePC

Found this great video of someone (Paul, the forum admin) in the UK unboxing his eeePC: via forums

MobileCamp Vancouver

On Saturday, I attended the first MobileCamp Vancouver, held at Workspace which makes my second visit there in two days…if I didn’t already have an office, this is where I […]

Test drive the eeePC’s desktop

Someone has put together an html demo of the eeePC’s easy mode desktop so you can see what it’s like:

Warranty Voided

Decided I couldn’t resist opening the little door on the back of the eeePC and upgrade the ram (now at 1gb from the stock 512mb) and the mini pci-e port. […]

Mini-review of a min-eee PC

Well, shortly after selling my Powerbook, I discovered and acquired an Asus eeePC – pronounced ‘E-pc’ – the three e’s stand for “Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to […]