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My birthday wishlist…a kind of rant

Not really a rant, not a real wishlist but as I approach my 40th birthday next month, I thought I’d come up with a few things that I’d love to […]

My 2011 SXSW proposal

Once again it’s that time when all the SXSW folks start pitching to anyone with a pulse their panel ideas for voting. I’m no different although I try to keep […]

It’s Over

After three weeks, over 17,000 photos and hours of video, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are done. It feels strange to see the city slowly transform itself back to the […]

Memorex Multi-Screen Digital Photo Frame

I came across this cool little photo frame today at Future Shop (who call it a Memorex 1.5″ Trio Digital Photo Frame). There are a ton of digital frames on […]

D-Link DNS-323 Network Storage Device Mini-review

I picked up this little guy (aka the Toaster) recently after seeing Peter’s success with it. It’s a network connected storage device. What does that mean? It means that you […]

Nikon D90 HD Video Samples

I’ve only barely had time to play with the D90 video mode – let alone even get familiar with all the controls and options but here’s a couple videos taken […]

Canadian version of the US DMCA coming soon?

Head over to Michael Gist’s site for information about a new bill that could be introduced as soon as tomorrow that will have huge impacts on peer to peer file […]

Bridging Media

I’ll be heading down to the Centre For Digital Media on Saturday to attend the Bridging Media event organized by Megan Cole and Erica Hargreave. I think you can still […]

What’s on the Apple TV?

I’ve been looking for a better way to use my HDTV lately. The Xbox360 (and XBox 1 running XBMC) I currently have works fine but the biggest issue I have […]

Larry Lessig is my hero

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Lawrence Lessig give the keynote for the Privacy & Security conference I’m attending in Victoria (albeit from the back of the room […]