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The iPhone 3G has launched in Canada…sorta

This pretty much sums it up (works best if you use Twitter): (via Sean Osteen on Flickr) Despite being in line at 4am, it still took over 4 hours for […]

Newspapers, magazines and radio…oh my!

Thanks to Warren, who interviewed me recently for my thoughts on the upcoming iPhone App Store and what it will mean for people currently enjoying Installer on their iPhones. I […]

Hell froze over

Rogers caved and announced today a new ‘promotional’ iPhone 3g data plan that gives you 6gb of data for $30. That’s as close to unlimited as we’ll get on the […]

Is Rogers getting the message?

There seems to be quite a lot of people upset with Rogers and their iPhone voice and data plans. The topic just doesn’t want to die down and major media […]

Rogers revises their iPhone 3G terms

Rogers updated their iPhone 3G voice and data plan page. Data Usage – Your iPhone will be enabled for data usage. If you subscribe to a plan with no data […]

Five days of unlimited iPhone Edge data

I’m home now after being in various parts of the Pacific Northwest for the past five days. Here’s the tally of my iPhone usage during that time: A grand total […]

iPhone Firmware 2.0 thought

Here’s a thought: Now that Rogers will be bringing the iPhone to Canada, I wonder what will happen when the 2.0 firmware is released (most likely July 11th)? Let’s say […]

A little iPhone data plan math

In light of today’s news, I’ve had some time to think about the plans that Rogers/Fido are offering for the iPhone. I happened to be heading down to Seattle/Portland for […]

Rogers iPhone Data Plans = Epic FAIL

This morning I woke up to discover that Rogers (and Fido) had released their pricing for the iPhone data/voice plans. Sent Incoming Text Text Visual Price Voice Data Messages messages […]

iPhone 3G predictions: how did I do?

Almost a month ago, I posted my predictions for the next version of the iPhone. Let’s see how I did: Prediction #1: Details about the iPhone release in Canada will […]