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Using the iPad microsim with an iPhone 4

This past weekend, I had an overnight trip to the US with a friend and wanted to be able to use my iPad/iPhone while away from my Rogers 6gb dataplan. […]

Third time the charm?

Yesterday, at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled the latest version of the iPhone: You should watch the design video if you haven’t already seen it…it’s quite the […]

Two weeks with the iPad

As I mentioned previously, iCaved during the iPad launch weekend and drove down to Seattle and picked up a 32gb wifi iPad. My decision to drive across the line to […]


Yes, I decided to head down to the Apple Store in the Alderwood Mall today and get my own 32gb Wifi iPad (for realz): My original plan was to wait […]

Deja Vu all over again

Looks like Rogers is about to repeat their PR nightmare from last year’s iPhone 3G launch by holding back the pricing of the iPhone 3GS for current 3G owners until […]

Apple announces the iPhone 3GS

Today Apple unveiled the latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. The ‘S’ stands for speed. It will be available in North America on Friday, June 19th. This is […]

Getting ready for SXSWi 2009

Once again, it’s time to start planning for SXSWi which is coming up pretty fast in just under two months. It’s the annual ‘geek summer camp’ held in Austin, Texas […]

Samsung launches the Instinct in Canada

Tonight I attended the launch party for the Samsung Instinct phone. I wanted to personally check it out to see if it lived up to the ‘iPhone killer’ label that […]

Operation could not be completed

Do you see this a lot on your iPhone 3G? While downtown for the fireworks the other day, got to experience this error many times personally. In talking with others, […]

One week with the iPhone 3G

I was going to call this post “It’s been One Week…” but in light of the recent issues Barenaked Ladies frontman, Steven Paige is having, I decided to go for […]