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New Photography section

Inspired by my pals Duane and Kris‘ recent photographic efforts online, I decided to rebuild my photography section on this site which previously was just a plugin that pulled in […]

Fire on the Water

Last summer, during the photoshoot at the morgue, I came up with the idea of doing another shoot with Charles & Barbara on the beach. They had mentioned while we […]

BiehlerCam is born

Inspired by something Peter told me about that Moose Peterson mentions in his videos, I wanted to find a way to mount another camera on top of my Nikon D90 […]

Create amazing photo collages

This is some pretty slick software, called Shape Collage, available for Mac/PC/Linux and it’s FREE! I pointed the application to a few hundred iPhone photos (most of them from SXSW) […]

Joe McNally Photography Workshop

This past weekend I attended one day of the ImageQuest Professional Photographers Convention in Richmond. I kept waiting for someone to ask me to leave since I don’t consider myself […]

Northern Voice 2009 Wrapup

What an epic weekend! So much going on surrounding the best little conference ever, Northern Voice. As usual, I’ll try to detail my experiences with photos and video I shot: […]

Shooting Burlesque at the Dollhouse

This past weekend, I participated in my first group photoshoot with members of the Vancouver Strobist group (on Flickr). After missing out on a studio shoot in January, I was […]

Faking Tilt/Shift images on the iPhone

A new iPhone app [iTunes link] just popped up on my radar that is pretty cool. It lets you pretend your iPhone camera has a tilt/shift lens. Kinda. While heading […]

LensBaby Composer + Nikon D90 Video

I can’t wait for the LensBaby Composer to be released…check out this unfortunately low quality YouTube video of the co-founder of LensBaby demostrating the Composer attached to a Nikon D90 […]

Fisheye lens adapters

I’ve wanted a fisheye lens forever…and really like my Lomo Fisheye camera. Super wide angles and fisheyes are fun to play around with…just not $800 kinds of fun (the cost […]