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MacBook Air vs ThinkPad X300 [parody]

This is a pretty clever (and well done) parody of the MacBook Air commercial featuring the ThinkPad X300. It’s (the X300) definitely a decent ultraportable/subnotebook/fitsinanenvelope computer….it just doesn’t run OSX […]

Kinda sorta maybe barely almost internet famous

Okay, not really at all but I couldn’t think of a better title. While I was lounging on the beach in Hawaii recently, two separate articles in which I was […]

MacBook Air SuperDrive

My SuperDrive finally arrived….three days behind the MBA and of course it was delivered just as I was boarding a flight to Victoria for a conference. As you can see […]

MacBook Air 12 hour review

As in I’ve had it for 12 hours….not a 12 hour long review….although there are a lot of pictures. Obviously I haven’t had it long enough to really put it […]

I got my MBA

As I expected, my MacBook Air arrived today ahead of the projected shipping time and before my friend who ordered earlier than me and paid extra for faster shipping. I […]

Unboxing a MacBook Air

This could have been my video….thanks FedEx! Damn you and your slow boat plane to from China. Update: Looks like he’s disabled embedding of the video. Here’s a direct link.

Playing the waiting game

Impatiently waiting for this thing to arrive. At least it’s been shipped a few days ahead of schedule…although I appear to have missed the cutoff but is expected (by Apple) […]

Nokia N810 tablet + full Linux KDE desktop

A friend sent word that you can now put a full linux desktop (KDE) on the Nokia N810 tablet. This was in an effort to convince me to buy an […]

MacBook Air

So yesterday, I said to not buy anything from Apple because today they’d be possibly announcing some new products. Well they did indeed announce a few new things and I […]

Don’t buy anything Apple…today

This post is for all my non-geek friends that don’t already have an Apple sticker on their car. Don’t buy anything Apple related today…wait until tomorrow which is when Steve […]